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17 October 2009
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Boutique OD Part 1

Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a world where boutique OD’s were a dime a dozen ? Realistically of course that would be the case if we’d be living in the 30’s when inflation was rampant … But nowadays it’s rare to even find one component in these …

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16 October 2009
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Moog Guitar

moog guitar
Considering the company’s pedigree, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the Moog Guitar expands the expressive palette of the electric guitar into new territory. What’s most impressive about this instrument is that it engenders creativity. You sit down to play it, and you find yourself playing things and …

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16 October 2009
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Gibson Dark Fire

The Dark Fire
Gibson has been making game attempts at pushing the envelope in the last couple of years with the self-tuning Robot guitar and the HD.6-X Pro Digital Guitar with its computer connectivity.
Those two strands of technology, plus some new tonal capabilities, have now been incorporated into the new Dark …

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16 October 2009
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Lonely Road video

Lonely Road by The Urban Effect. fan video

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