Gibson Dark Fire

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The Dark Fire

The Dark Fire

Gibson has been making game attempts at pushing the envelope in the last couple of years with the self-tuning Robot guitar and the HD.6-X Pro Digital Guitar with its computer connectivity.
Those two strands of technology, plus some new tonal capabilities, have now been incorporated into the new Dark Fire, which the company, perhaps quite rightly, is calling “the world’s most powerful analogue and digital guitar.”
All the new technology is incorporated into what is undeniably a Les Paul, albeit one with a stunning dark red maple top plus some other slight cosmetic changes and a white fitted case to mark its limited edition status.

It stays charged for about a month of use. Chameleon sound gets old pretty quick and you just use it as a straight guitar with super-fast and precise automatic tuning. The sound of the guitar is amazing, but it misses something from the soul of a Les Paul, maybe all the electronics inside do not let the sound resonate as well. All being said it is a great guitar from a very rich beginner to a pro.

We at The Urban Effect love The Dark Fire and own one.

Gibson USA official Dark Fire page

Self-winding tuners

Self-winding tuners

Posted by saveli   @   16 October 2009

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