Reality hurts, bend the reality
The world is cold, feel the warmth again
You feel alone, it happens to all of us
You’re on the way to feel the eternity

See the world through a tear of a poppy plant

You’ve got issues and no solution
The real world is so upsetting
The best solution is no intervention
Let it all flow to the eternity

Taste the world through a tear of a poppy plant


Wraps you with the warmest blanket
Surrounds you with eternal comfort
You lie and witness the truth of existence
You see the world without going the distance

Become a slave of a tear of a poppy plant

You’re numb from pain, it eats your insides
And all the faces look so ugly in this light
The shadow freaks and kills its owner
The dimming light is getting further

Inhale the end from a tear of a poppy plant

Posted by saveli   @   1 December 2009

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