I will stand in the shadows
I will wait for you for hours
I will stand in the rain
Just to see you again

You get into his car
In your dress, it is so pretty
Why you couldn’t fking love me?
Why you couldn’t be with me?

I know you are missing me as well

You get back home with him
I see him kiss you through the window
I held up close my gun
What else could I do? I ran!

There was an old lady in the stairs
She was carrying her bag
She saw that I had a gun
I had to shoot her, now she’s gone!

I know you are missing me as well

I woke up in the park
Sun is shining in my eyes
Dogs and kids are playing
They know nothing of the slayings

I know you are missing me as well

Posted by saveli   @   1 December 2009

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